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Who We Are

As members of the Mason Neck Lions Club, we volunteer our time to humanitarian causes in the Mason Neck and Lorton, Virginia areas and the world community. By conducting service projects and raising funds, we strive to help the less fortunate, wherever the need exists.

The Lions' motto is "We Serve."


The International Association of Lions Clubs was founded in Chicago, Illinois, in 1917. Although the youngest service club organization, Lions International has grown to be the worlds largest. As of April 30, 2012, Lions Clubs International had more than 1.3 Million Members in more than 46 Thousand Clubs in over 750 Districts in 207 Countries and Geographic locations.  Lions Clubs International is headquartered in Oak Brook Illinois. A board of directors, elected annually at the International Convention, governs the International Association.
In 1925, Helen Keller addressed the Lions at their International Convention, challenging them to become "Knights of the Blind in the crusade against darkness." Since that time, service to the blind and visually impaired has become one of the association's most significant activities.

While Lions speak many languages and profess many religious and political beliefs, they all subscribe to common objectives and ethical principles.


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To create and foster a spirit of understanding among all people for humanitarian needs by providing voluntary services through community involvement and international cooperation.

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  • To Show my faith in the worthiness of my vocation by industrious application to the end that I may merit a reputation for quality of service.

  • To Seek success and to demand all fair remuneration or profit as my just due, but to accept no profit or success at the price of my –own self-respect lost because of unfair advantage taken or because of questionable acts on my part.

  • To Remember that in building up my business it is not necessary to tear down another's; to be loyal to my clients or customers and true to myself.

  • Whenever a doubt arises as to the right or ethics of my position or action towards others, to resolve such doubt against myself.

  • To Hold friendship as an end and not a means. To hold that true friendship exists not on account of the service performed by one another, but that true friendship demands nothing but accepts service in the spirit in which it is given.

  • Always to bear in mind my obligations as a citizen to my nation, my state, and my community, as to give them my unswerving loyalty in word, act, and deed. To give them freely of my time, labor and means.

  • To Aid others by giving my sympathy to those in distress, my aid to the weak, and my substance to the needy.

  • To Be Careful with my criticism and liberal with my praise; to build up and not destroy.

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Officers for 2013-2014

Woody Pic

Past District Governor 2005-2006: Lion Ed "Woody" Woodard -

Lion Woody was born in Portsmouth, Va. He served in the USAF from 1955 to 1975. His service took him to the Far East, Middle East, Europe and various States during this time. He retired from the USAF in 1975, and joined the family of Sears. He moved to Allstate Insurance in 1979, and retired in 2005. Lion Woody joined the Mason Neck Lions Club in April 1996, and served as Secretary from September 1996 to June 1998. He has served as President from July 1998 to July 2000. He has served as Bulletin Editor, Zone Chairman, and District 24-A Cabinet Secretary for Lions Year 2001-2002 and District Treasurer for Lions Year 2002-2003. He was District Governor Coordinator & Retention Chair for 2003-2004 and was Vice District Governor for District 24-A and MERL Team Chair during Lions Year 2004-2005. Lion Woody is a Progressive Melvin Jones Fellow.  Currently serving as GMT Coordinator

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Thompson pic
President:  Lion Paul Tompkins

Lion Paul was born in Medina, New York on September 4, 1954.  He majored in life sciences in school, and now works for the Alexandria Sanitation Authority.    Paul and his wife, Kristine, have been married for 23 years. Kristine works for the Virginia Dept for the Visually handicapped.  Paul and Kristine have a daughter, Meghan, and a son, Andrew. Andrew is a blind Korean child who they adopted 15 years ago. His participation in camp Merrick is partially responsible for his father becoming a Lion.  Lion Paul is an active member of Immanuel Bible Church in Springfield, VA where he started working in the youth program in 1991.

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Dick Kennedy Pic
Secretary:  Lion Dick Kennedy

Lion Dick grew up on Long Island but have Virginia roots, as my father was born and raised in the small town of Browntown, near Front Royal. After graduating from Princeton in 1963 with a BSE in chemical engineering I became interest in economics, which I studied at the University of the Americas in Mexico City (where I met my wife, Sallie) and at the Institut Universitaire d’Etudes Europennes in Turin, Italy. After teaching economics for two years at Potsdam State in NY, I went back to school, completed a PhD in economics at Rice University, and worked from 1972 until 2003 as a European economic analyst in CIA’s Directorate of Intelligence, examining issues that included the impact of the 1973 OPEC oil price hikes, the "burden sharing" issue in NATO,  the EU’s plans for a single currency, and Turkey’s efforts to recover from its 2001 economic crisis. We moved to Mason Neck in 1978 and feel privileged to live in this beautiful area, where our daughters Bradley and Ashley grew up. After several years of helping at Mason Neck Lions projects, such as shoreline cleanups, road cleanups, and tree plantings, Lion Joe Chudzik finally  convinced me to join the club in 2008. I am also secretary of the Mason Neck Citizens Association, editor of the Hallowing Point Association newsletter, and involved in establishing a Friends of Mason Neck State Park group.


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Chudzik pic 1st Vice President/Cultural and Community Activities: Lion Joe Chudzik

Lion Joe retired in 1993 as a Foreign Service Officer in the Department of State. Lion Joe has served the Mason Neck community as President of the Mason Neck Citizens Association (2nd Yr) and chairman of the Mason Collar Civic Association. He served as Mason Neck Lions Club Vice-President for the 1997-1998 Lions Year and as Program Chairman during the 2003-2004 Lions Year. Lion Joe is presently very busy helping to coordinate the community projects with Mason Neck Lions. He is also insuring that our efforts are notated and published in the local media.


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M Miller pic 2nd Vice President: Lion Marvin Miller

Lion Marvin D. Miller is a native of Norfolk, Virginia who has lived in Northern Virginia since the early 1970's.  He and his family moved to Mason Neck in the mid 1980's. A friend and neighbor, Lion William Nurse, introduced him to the Mason Neck Lions Club not long after they meet and he has been with the Club ever since.   As a criminal defense lawyer, his schedule is not always his own but the Club is great at providing opportunities to serve.  He exemplifies the motto “We Serve”.

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Collyer pic
Treasurer: Lion Dave Collyer

Lion Dave was born in Summit, N.J. He moved with his family to Baltimore, Md. in 1949. He retired on Dec. 1, 2002 after 32 years as a field service engineer in the medical imaging field. Lion Dave has four children and three grandchildren. He joined the Mason Neck Lions Club in the summer of 2003, and soon after joined the team at the Lions Eyeglass Recycling Center as an assistant operations manager. During the summer of 2004 Lion Dave also became a driver/technician for the District 24-A Sight and Hearing Screening Van.  He has served as Zone Chair for Region II, Zone 2 (2006-2007). He is currently serving as District Chair for the Lions eyeglass Recycling Center of Northern Virginia

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Nally pic

Tail Twister/Programs: Lion James "Tom" Nally

Lion Tom was born and raised in Oakland, Maryland. He attended St Charles and St Mary's in Baltimore. He served 3 years in the U.S. Army while stationed at the Pentagon. Lion Tom worked for Sears at Landmark for 30 years. He is married and has 3 Children and 4 Grandchildren. Lion Tom previously served as President and Secretary of the Mason Neck Lions Club.  At the District Level, Lion Tom has served as Region Chair, Zone Chair, Cabinet Secretary, Cabinet Treasurer and District New Member Orientation Chairman.



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Email and/or Call Our Membership Committee
To Learn More About Lionism

Becoming a Member

Membership in a Lions Club is by invitation only. Through membership, Lions not only help people in need, but also have opportunities to develop personal friendships and gain valuable leadership skills. The membership committee may be reached by E-Mail or Telephone. You may obtain Lionism information from any member of the Mason Neck Lions Club. Please contact us to receive an invitation to one of our meetings, and then join us, and learn more about Lionism.


To e-mail us click on the Lions Name or e-mail address.

District  and/or Club Offices

Lions Name

E-mail Address

Telephone Number


Foster Morse



Tom Nally


Immediate Past President

Foster Morse

Secretary Dick Kennedy 703-339-7530

Treasurer/Food Service

David Collyer


Paul Thompkins


Tail Twister


School Supplies 703-339-6318


Joe Chudzik


Help Line

Tom Nally



Marvin 'Marv" Miller



PDG Woody Woodard


Public Relations

Floyd Harrison


Sight & Hearing

David Collyer 703-339-6318


Marilyn Harned

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What We Do

From 1925 to the present, Lions have been recognized throughout the world for their service to the blind and visually impaired. A majority of the world's eye banks are established and supported by Lions, as are hundreds of Clinics, Hospitals and Eye Research Centers. Since our club was chartered in 1967, countless members of our local community have been helped with free quality eye care, eyeglasses and hearing exams, that they would not have otherwise been able to obtain. The majority of our funds are used to support the Lorton Community Action Center and the Local Community.

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Fund Raising

One of our major fund raising projects is the sale of Fresh Shrimp during the months of September thru December. (When the Florida and/or Carolina Shrimp are running). Our Shrimp Chairman, Lion Foster Morse (703-339-7099), or Lion Tom Nally (703-451-5358) will be happy to assist you or your club in obtaining Shrimp.

The charitable arm of our club is "Lions Club of Mason Neck-Lorton Charities, Inc" and the CFC Number is 15565.  Please consider us when you sign up for the Combined Federal Campaign.

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When and Where We Meet

Our Club holds its dinner meetings on the Second and Fourth Wednesday of each month at the Vinny’s Italian Restaurant 7730 Gunston Plaza Dr. at 6:30 PM. All are welcome to attend. Please e-mail the secretary if you plan to visit. We conduct Lions business at our monthly board meetings, held the Fourth Wednesday of each month.  Each 3rd Wednesday morning, we host a breakfast get together at 8:30AM Please check with Secretary/President for location.  Everyone is invited

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Eyeglass Collection Sites

Please look for our eyeglass donation boxes at the following area locations:

LORTON VA. 22199

LORTON. VA. 22199

LORTON, VA. 22199

LORTON, VA. 22199

LORTON, VA 22079

LORTON, VA 22079

LORTON, VA 22079

LORTON, VA 22079

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Do You Need The Lions Help

In our continuing effort to serve our communities, the Lions Clubs of Northern Virginia provide several telephone help hotlines. Some telephone help hotlines use voice mail recordings.  Messages left on these voice mail systems are checked daily. Each message is then forwarded to the Lions Club responsible for serving the caller's locale. Although the primary mission of the Lions Clubs is in the areas of sight, hearing, and diabetes, all Lions are committed to assist everyone in their community that requires help. Therefore, our help hotlines are available to anyone needing help or wanting to learn more about Lionism.

Help Button

Clicking this button will take you to the Web Page that has the hotline telephone numbers. Calls to the hotlines range from the local resident who needs assistance to a traveling or vacationing Lion looking for a club to visit. More than one person has called looking for a Lions Club to join.

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